Leverage Your Existing Relationships – Improve Shipping Logistics

Leverage Your Existing Relationships
If you have a relationship that provides you with free shipping (inbound and outbound), you need to truly count your blessings because having someone take care of the financial cost of logistics for your company is amazing. In this industry, we all have to rely on someone, whether we like it or not. Leverage the relationships you have been given, treat all the people involved well and stay as true to your word as possible.

Bonus Tip
Be as transparent as possible on shipping costs and conditions. Your customers’ loyalty begins and ends with the trust they have put in your shipping company. Be transparent in major areas such as shipping price and you will earn the loyalty and trust of your customers. Specify your various delivery options, expected date of delivery, all associated costs and the return conditions. Give your customer all the data they need to avoid unwelcome surprises and have realistic expectations.

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